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At one time there were high hopes in the UK for the current generation Nissan Cube. But in the year since its entry into the market, the quirky little box on wheels has experienced putrid sales. We're talking a reported 686 units sold. In a year. And with no diesel version on the way.

Auto Express reports that the Cube has been so unsuccessful on the Island Nation that dealers won't be required to have a Cube on site for demonstration purposes. And if dealers can sell twice as many copies of the also-quirky Juke in one month (1,617 were sold in September alone) as the Cube in an entire year, we can't see to many dealers asking for a Cube if they don't need one.

Does this news mean anything for the future of the Cube in the U.S.? Nearly 20,000 copies of the boxy little runabout have been sold so far this year; probably not a poor enough showing for the Cube to be shown the door, but nothing much worth bragging about, either.

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[Source: Auto Express]

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