The line at the door for the recall party is getting longer. Nissan has just showed up and it needs to bring in 2.14 million vehicles around the world, making it the automaker's third largest recall of all-time. The issue lies with a faulty ignition relay that could cause the engine to stall or fail to restart. The fix is reported to take less than 25 minutes, and involves swapping out the faulty ignition relay for a new one.
This recall affects vehicles built around the world, from August 2003 to July 2006. Japan serves up the bulk of the recalled vehicles, with 835,000 units needing to come back in. The U.S. and Canada are not far behind, recalling 762,000 cars between them. The vehicles include a wide gamut of Nissan product, from subcompacts like the Micra and Cube up to larger cars and trucks such as the Titan and Infiniti QX.

Nissan joins an ever expanding list of automakers reporting recent recalls. BMW recently took the first step in admitting they have a problem, by recalling N54-equipped vehicles. Chrysler and Volvo vehicles have had power steering issues. Some Ram trucks went out with incorrectly labeled weight and seating stickers. Honda and Toyota used a parts supplier who was dealing in faulty brake master cylinders. The list goes on and on.

[Sources: AOL Autos]

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