Here's a match made in heaven. According to The Deadline, NBC is currently hard at work on a reality TV series focused on the inner workings of a NASCAR family. While we likely won't be pointing our remotes toward the Peacock because of the news, the show does pack some pretty serious talent behind it. Joe Pokaski, of Heroes writer-producer fame, and Scott Stuber are behind the project. The show will supposedly revolve around a pair of racing brothers with very different styles that race for the same team. The show will also spend plenty of time on behind-the-scenes family drama, too.
Sounds riveting.

NBC is currently doing its best to secure rights for everything from tracks to sponsor logos and even the NASCAR name itself. The show wants to use in-race footage as well. Given the recent decline in attendance at stock car races these days as well as NBC's lackluster fall lineup, the show could be a boon for both. There's even some word that Stuber, a Universal producer, is trying to get the OK for a full-length feature directed by Gary Ross. So far there's no word on when the show could hit the air.

[Source: The Deadline, Inside Line]

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