While some of us probably possess the might to paddle a small vessel across a lake or down a river, truth is, most of us turn to gasoline- or diesel-fueled motivation for our on-water adventures. Aside from paddling along or hopping into a vessel powered by the wind, there are times when efficient ways to travel down the world's waterways are not available. Mastervolt, with the help of Steyr Motors, hopes to change that by developing a range of series hybrids for boats.

Mastervolt, a leader in marine electric power solutions, and Steyr Motors, an Austrian diesel engine manufacturer, have teamed up to produce a range of series hybrid diesel-electric drive installations for marine use. Back in 2007, Steyr won an award for its parallel hybrid technology, but the upcoming serial hybrids take efficiency to a whole new level. The series hybrid diesel-electric drive functions as you might expect: the electric motor spins the prop, which powers the boat through the water. The diesel engine acts as an efficient generator, charging the batteries only when needed. A range of series hybrid powertrains for boats may be a few year's off, but we're thrilled to see technology developed for the automotive industry hit the water.

[Source: Mastervolt | Image: pdam2 – C.C. License 2.0]


Mastervolt and STEYR MOTORS partner in hybrid propulsion

Mastervolt and STEYR MOTORS, the Austrian specialist for Marine diesel engines have formed a working partnership to develop and distribute a range of Serial Hybrid diesel-electric drive installations for boats.

STEYR won a DAME award in 2007 for its parallel hybrid technology, and the company is now working with Mastervolt on a range of Serial Hybrid propulsion systems. In these, it is only the electric motor that drives the boats, the diesel engine effectively becoming an efficient generator set that charges the batteries for the electric motor. It is simpler than the parallel arrangement and well suited to marine applications.

Both companies are already leaders in Hybrid technology and they will make formidable partners, bringing together STEYR's expertise in diesel technology and its associated mechanics with Mastervolt's highly advanced electrical power solutions.

With rapidly increasing interest in Hybrid drives amongst boat owners, there is a requirement for a 'one stop' shop for these 21st century propulsion systems. The collaboration between Mastervolt and STEYR MOTORS, both designers and producers of premium products in their markets, brings together the essential top level expertise in diesel technology and power electronics required to develop the most effective and efficient state of the art systems.

Commenting on his company's new collaboration with STEYR MOTORS, Paul Kenninck, CEO of Mastervolt, said; "This partnership between STEYR MOTORS and Mastervolt brings together two innovative players in a way that will result in the development of the technology of the future, for delivery tomorrow, boosting the possibilities of e-propulsion in the medium to high end leisure market."

Rudolf Mandorfer, CEO of STEYR MOTORS, said of the new partnership: "We are delighted to be working with Mastervolt; it brings together the maximum of field experience from both worlds, advanced Power Electronics and Diesel engines and will result in a rapid growth in hybrid technology for the marine market."

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