Video: Chevy Volt plays spontaneity card in first commercial

Chevy Volt "Anthem" TV commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump

We've seen all the pieces before – the Chevrolet Volt itself, the Volt's " More Car Than Electric" tagline, the quick edits of a national car commercial – but they've never come together just to sell the American public on General Motor's new halo car. The Volt's first national TV spot, called "Anthem," is heavy on the unbridled driving freedom theme, combining shots of driving past gas stations (Get it? Of course you do) and a Tim Allen voiceover that says:
This isn't a country where plans made at 9 necessarily apply at 5. This is America, man. Home of the highway, last-minute detours and spontaneous acts of freedom. We're wanderers, wayfarers, even nomads. So doesn't it just make sense that we build an electric car that goes far? Really far.
Our take? The spot neatly explains the benefits of the Volt's range-extender technology while taking a subtle dig at pure electric cars like the Nissan Leaf.

The ad (and more in the series) will start airing during Major League Baseball's World Series tonight, but you can check it out right now after the jump.

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