The TTXGP's first full season of electric motorcycle racing culminated on the weekend and Münch Racing won the series – and the wood-art award, the Faraday Trophy – thanks to a skillful piloting job by Matthias Himmelmann. While the action was terrific and the competition intense, racing fans might be a little bothered by the fact that neither the North American champion, Lightning Motors with rider Michael Barnes, nor sentimental favorite Team Electra with their electrified antique Norton, were on the starting grid (more on this later).

The German team, which is comprised of some members of the XXL Racing team that ran in the 2009 Isle of Man TTXGP, might have been considered some thing of a dark horse right up until qualifying sessions when they staked their claim with pole position. Münch Racing had competed in the last three FIM e-Power events, including Laguna Seca, and the last two races of the TTXGP Euro series.

If you didn't know there even was a TTXGP Euro championship, you can be forgiven. The previously-scheduled TTXGP Italia series was scrapped late in the summer and replaced by pairs of races at the TT Circuit Assen and Brands Hatch, where they shared the weekend with the final event of the TTXGP UK series. More after the break...

*UPDATE: According to TTXGP's CEO Azhar Hussain, the reason for the American absences is not what we have reported. They recommended teams use James Cargo, a renowned motorcycle specialist who was fully briefed as to all aspects of the cargo and who had previously transported Mavizen and Agni bikes with no issues. "The absence of any team is always a matter of regret and sadness. We wish them well and of course look forward to working with them in 2011 and beyond."

[Source: TTXGP / Examiner / V is For Voltage]
As for the final race itself, the outcome was only decided as the racers began their final lap. The eCRP 1.2 piloted by Euro series champion Alessandro Brannetti had managed to take the lead from Himmelmann by lap six, but in the end, his Agni-powered machine was no match for the AC Siemens motor in the Münch TTE 1.2. TTXGP UK champion Jenny Tinmouth nailed down third place for Team Agni with her bike running a new motor design that has yet to be thoroughly tested and whose performance was perhaps not optimized. For the official recounting of the race and results, scroll down the page for the press release.

So, what's up with the Americans, other than the Mavizen-mounted Team Werkstatt, not making it to the World Championship? No one's really talking publicly but David Herron, who has been reporting on the electric motorcycle racing scene for the, let slip in the V is For Voltage forum he runs that the teams, "...explained that the TTXGP office recommended a shipper to them who was not certified to handle class 9 hazardous materials (lithium batteries)." Ouch.

No doubt Lightning Motors, who were unquestionably the favorites to win and who had finished over a minute-and-a-half ahead of Münch's Himmelmann during the Laguna Seca e-Power race earlier this summer, are not happy. Thought to have plans for a commercial line-up, the victory could have had a nice halo effect for them and their products. Now, the name and brand have gone unmentioned at the largest international event of its kind and the team must be left with the question of whether or not to contest the 2011 season.

Over all, it has to be said that the TTXGP organization did a pretty good job in 2010. Despite being booted off the Isle of Man, a lack of experience and an inability to have a season-long commitment from Zero Motorcycles, Mission Motors, Brammo and Motocysz, they managed to hold 13 races in total with teams from six countries on two continents with the participation of 30 teams. No mean feat.

We look forward to seeing if they can step it up in 2011. They've already announced some changes including a new "Formula 75" class to complement their open "Formula GP" class and participation by teams from Russia and China. We expect to hear of additional tracks and events over the winter, so stay tuned for more action and innovation.


TTXGP World Champions 2010: MÜNCH RACING
  • All teams break sub 2 minutes per lap.
  • Incredible riding from Himmelmann and Brannetti pushing the edge every lap.
  • Turn by turn action with a thrilling climax and a 00:00.228 seconds difference to decide the champion.
Electric racing has a new World Champion, Matthias Himmelmann, winning the top crown for Münch Racing from Germany, beating off stiff competition from teams from Italy, UK, USA, Belgium, India and China, making history and setting a high bar for any challengers in 2011. Despite starting on pole and finishing first on the Münch machine, he was only just able to hold off Alessandro Brannetti on the twin-Agni powered eCRP. While second place was a disappointment to the CRP Racing team, it was a miracle that they even started, given the problems they'd had all weekend with the controllers on both bikes. Rounding off the podium was the TTXGP UK Champion, Jenny Tinmouth on the Team Agni bike.

The difference in power between the bikes was significant, yet this is also what has made this series so exciting. Teams have had the liberty to try practically whatever they can in order to win. Although the eCRP had much less power than the Münch bike, Brannetti was able to overtake Jenny Tinmouth after she passed him on the first lap. By lap 6, Brannetti was leading, with Himmelmann gaining on him each time down the front straight, only to be denied on the entry to T1 by Brannetti's late braking ability.

In the final lap, Himmelmann was able to slipstream Brannetti before the start/finish line for an easier lead down the front straight, creating a gap that Brannetti could not close before the end of the race.

The first Chinese factory team, Team Zongshen, finished an impressive fourth and have set themselves up to be part of TTXGP 2011 with a strong platform to build from. Chi-Fung Ho, an experienced racer from China showed tremendous skill in keeping Pete Ward from the Electric Hussar team in 5th place.

Morris Motorcycles Racing Team (MMRT) followed the Mavizen of the Electric Hussar and came in 6th with Peter Lindén showing the strongest ever finish for MMRT. MMRT have committed to return for 2011 with a brand new package and team to build from the success of 2010.

Rob Moon (Team Agni) and Thomas Schuricht (Münch Racing) filled 7th and 8th places, respectively.

Campus Francorchamps started strongly with the third fastest lap, but suffered a mechanical failure in lap 7. With a motor failure, Fastre came into the pits and went out again and finished the race on half power.

Jennifer Bromme of Team Werkstatt from the North American Championship finished 10th. She showed great improvement and went sub 2-minutes in lap 3.

Another team that suffered constant technical problems was Tork India. Despite winning the first ever round of the TTXGP UK Championship, they never really found their form. Although Antonio Maeso did start well with the 6th fastest lap time.

Alexey Ivanov from SMP Racing also suffered from an early technical failure during the warm up and could not start.

The final results are:

TTXGP Final/UEM 2010 World Series Final (24 Oct 2010)
Albacete, Spain
Track length: 3593 meters

01..............Münch Racing/Matthias Himmelmann
Best Lap: 01:43.871
Average speed over complete race: 120.8 km/h

02..............CRP Racing/Alessandro Brannetti

03..............Team Agni/Jenny Tinmouth

04..............Team Zongshen/Chi-Fung Ho

05..............Electric Hussar/Pete Ward

06..............Morris Motorcycles Racing Team/Peter Lindén

07..............Team Agni/Rob Moon

08..............Münch Racing/Thomas Schuricht

09..............Campus Francorchamps/Gregory Fastre
105.88 (minus 1 lap)

10..............Werkstatt/Jennifer Bromme
103.35 (minus 1 lap)

11..............Tork/Antonio Maeso
102.34 (minus 1 lap)

12..............SMP Racing /Alexey Ivanov
DNS (mechanical failure)

This was an incredible race to end an incredible first season for TTXGP.

As well as completing the TTXGP 2010 season, all of our teams now become part shareholders in the TTXGP series as they are now invited to join the TTXGP TEO ( the main representative body for TTXGP teams.

TTXGP 2011 is underway and with 110 teams registered for interest, the future looks bright.

Over the next few weeks we'll be announcing new races, the rules and calendar for 2011. Stay tuned.

We reboot again for 2011 to continue building the next generation of motorsport.

New Day, New Rules, New Game. Be Part of It

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