The Nintendo DS, a handheld video game system, can be a major time-suck for us kids of all ages. It's no surprise that the mother of seven year-old Christoper Miszkowiec wanted him to cut down on the amount of time he spends playing with one. What is surprising is that mom Kathleen has recently had a change of heart. What prompted this reversal? Christoper saved her life with his toy.

We may come across cattle, deer and a host of other animals when driving here in the States. Down in Australia, the Miszkowiec family was driving down a country road late one evening when a kangaroo hopped across their path. The car crashed into the creature, causing it to roll several times.

The father of the family was able to scramble out of the vehicle and rescue the couple's six-month old child, the youngest of three. Christoper unbuckled himself and then his five-year old brother, but Kathleen was unconscious up front. A country road is an especially dark place at night and it was impossible to see, so Christoper turned on his Nintendo DS. Using the light from the screen, he made his way to his mother and got her out of her seat to safety.

To honor the young man, Christopher Miszkowiec was part of a group that received Ambulance Victoria Community Hero awards for extraordinary life-saving acts. The award was presented at Melbourne's Parliament House.


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