Bosch Solar Energy will unveil its e-bike concept at the upcoming Solar Power International 2010 (SPI). SPI is North America's largest business-to-business solar event and hits the Los Angeles Convention Center for three straight days starting tomorrow. The e-bike concept combines Bosch's newly developed electric drive system with a high-performance thin-film solar station that's designed to recharge the e-bike without using grid power.

The e-bike's electric motor is designed to provide assist to riders under strenuous conditions and only kicks in when needed. The thin-film Bosch Solar Modules are capable of charging the concept bike's 8Ah lithium-ion battery in two and a half hours, provided that mother nature cooperates and lets the sun shine down. The e-bike's small battery pack could be easily charged using a standard plug in less than an hour, but that's not the point. A significant portion of the world's population still lacks access to grid power, and Bosch's setup eliminates the need for a traditional outlet and makes do with something that's easily accessible to most everyone: the sun's powerful rays.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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