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Few television programs are as intimately familiar with the stop watch as the blokes over at Top Gear. But they're not alone. On this side of the Atlantic, the icon is the rightful property of the CBS News magazine show 60 Minutes. And as many celebrities and documentary segments as the Top Gear crew may have interviewed and screened, 60 Minutes has been doing it longer.

Still, the two programs are about as different as can be. You wouldn't expect to see 60 Minutes host Steve Kroft firing a camper van at a giant target any more than Jeremy Clarkson asking the next presidential candidate the hard-hitting questions. But as we previewed last week, Kroft headed to Top Gear's studios outside London to interview Clarkson, Hammond, May and producer Andy Wilman... and even tried to get a word or two out of the since-departed Stig.

Follow the jump to watch the results that aired this past weekend, plus some deleted scenes courtesy of 60 Minutes Overtime. (Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips!)

[Source: CBS News]

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