Smith Electric Vehicles Newton – Click above for high-res image gallery

Kansas City-based Smith Electric Vehicles has signed another deal that will send a group of 41 Newton electric trucks to office supply extraordinaire Staples, Inc. Starting next month, Smith Electric will begin delivering its Newton to Staples stores in Missouri, California and Ohio. This latest order comes just over a month after Frito-Lay announced plans to deploy up to 176 Newton electric trucks by the end of 2011.

Smith's Newton electric truck is more than capable of handling its daily task of delivering goods. The Newton is designed for inner-city, stop-and-go driving and can run along at a top speed of 55 miles per hour while hauling up to 16,000 pounds of potato chips, office supplies or anything else that fits in the expansive cargo hold. With an expected range of 50 to 120 miles on single charge, the Newton has adequate range to tackle the daily grind. Hat tip to Joz!

[Source: Kansas City Business Journal]

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