Ford has spun into action to rectify rear axle problems with the 1998-2003 Windstar minivan by recalling nearly 500,000 of the vehicles, and the company will go as far as to buy back some customer's vehicles rather than fix them. The monetary compensation will be at or above market value, says Ford, but owners shouldn't expect to get their full purchase price back.

As more replacement rear axles become available to repair the cause of the recall – axles that can corrode and crack or break entirely – the repurchase program will wind down. Right now, owners with Windstars suffering from damaged rear axles are being provided rental cars on Ford's dime, and Windstars that don't have cracked or rusted rear axles can be readily repaired by dealers. Ford is expecting to take back mostly the oldest Windstars.

[Source: Detroit News | Photo:]

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