The Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo, has done his best for "the minions, the gamers, the coddled and the entitled" who want an update on the auto industry but don't want to bother actually reading about it. You know the folks – the ones who write "summarize plz" or "Cliffs Notes?" in a comment thread because they can't be bothered taking the time to figure out what happened.

Done something like Abrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary but in the space of a tweet - that being no more than 140 characters, and 32 tweets in total - De Lorenzo covers just about every major carmaker and a few other subjects to boot. General Motors' marketing, but not the company itself, gets two tweets, and electric cars also get a double-dip. Not one for restraint, tweets include "Electric Cars: A niche wrapped in an enigma in search of decent batteries and a sustainable infrastructure. Other than that, it's all good." Click the link for more... Hat tip to Chris

[Source: Autoextremist]

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