Nissan rep discussing Leaf's eco mode – Click above to watch video after the jump

Many electric and hybrid vehicles, the Nissan Leaf included, feature some sort of magical button designed to transform the vehicle into a eco-friendlier version of itself. Automakers usually apply a name to this button of joy. They often go with the traditional eco mode name, but anything with a green ring to it works – as long as the technology works. Nissan has got the tech down, and decided to follow tradition when equipping the Leaf with a user-selectable "eco mode."

With the push of its eco-mode button, the Leaf transforms from a "zero-emissions" vehicle into...hmm? Well, since the Leaf emits nothing, then what does this magical mode do? According to a Nissan representative, who spoke at the Drive Electric Tour in San Diego, engaging eco mode ramps up the Leaf's regenerative braking to capture more energy and also makes acceleration a more easygoing affair. These changes extend the range by up to ten percent. Not bad, considering that the extra miles come courtesy of a seemingly simple – but, obviously not – little shift. Hit the jump to watch the Nissan rep describe the Leaf's eco mode.

[Source: You Tube]

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