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A few details have surfaced surrounding the upcoming new Mercedes-Benz B-Class. According to Autocar, the Silver Arrow is cooking up something special for the hatchback's platform. In addition to being able to build the tall-roof B-Class on the new bones, the MFA structure will also serve as host for a sleeker Audi A3-style creation. Sharing chassis points between models is nothing new, but Autocar sites Jorg Prigl, the head of development for the A-Class, B-Class and Smart, as saying that it's the architecture's versatility that makes it noteworthy. In addition to being built to house a number of internal-combustion powerplants, Prigl says that the MFA platform is also made to accommodate any number of alternative power solutions.

That includes space for a battery pack, a fuel cell, hydrogen or compressed natural gas tanks. From the sounds of things, Mercedes-Benz is planning to make the new B-Class as light on its feet as possible when it comes to alternative energy drivetrains.

Autocar says that the platform is so unique that Mercedes-Benz is seeking to patent the design. That patent may be unveiled as soon as late January of 2011. Sadly, there is no additional word on whether the B-Class will make it to U.S. dealers, but last we heard, the model will make it to our market along with a companion crossover.

[Source: Autocar]

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