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Renault debuted its battery-powered Zoe at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and will launch this electric hatch in 2012. The four-door design offers practical, zero-emissions transport at a bargain price. Last we heard, rumors suggested that Renault would drop an official price tag on the Zoe that places it in direct competition with similarly sized and equipped conventional vehicles running down the roads today.

So, what price tag would pit the Zoe head-to-head against its diesel- and gasoline-fueled counterparts? Reports coming in from various news outlets in Europe hint at a sub-15,000 euro ($20,790 U.S. at the current exchange rate). As expected, Renault won't confirm pricing at this point, but did suggest that the Zoe's base price will be "close" to competing models. Unfortunately, a similarly sized, electric four-door hatchback competitor doesn't exactly exist, so we assume that Renault is hinting that its electric hatch will be priced within arm's reach of the Clio, a vehicle which the Zoe is loosely based on. Though the low price is certainly compelling, let's not forget that Renault has chosen to lease the battery pack separate from the vehicle.

Renault Zoe preview concept
  • Renault Zoe preview concept

[Source: Regulacion Eolica con Vehiculos Electricos]

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