Ferrari 458 Challenge testing at Monza – Click above to watch the video

The curves. The Power. The... Ferrariness. It's hard to get too much of the 458 Italia Challenge, and, luckily, we've come across some video of the race-ready Ferrari testing at Monza. The four-minute flick only shows a few angles of the pride of Maranello, but what we can guarantee is crisp images, ridiculously perfect exhaust melodies and a powerful desire to drive a 458 on track. At a few points it looks like the 458 Challenge isn't being pushed too hard, but every now and again we would catch a glimpse of the glowing red front brake rotors, assuring us that the driver is giving the lighter, lower 458 a considerable workout. Hit the jump to enjoy the video for yourself, if only to hear just how wonderful the Challenge sounds.

[Source: YouTube]

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