The Venturi Fétish is a good-looking electric vehicle with a long history of appearances at the Paris Motor Show (from its debut in 2004 to 2006 and on to 2010, it's like a perennial flower). The fetish part comes, in part, from the exclusivity – only 10 copies of the 2011 model will be made – and some great performance numbers. The 0-60 is taken care of in four seconds and the sports car has a top speed of 200 kilometers an hour (124 miles per hour). If you cruise around at 90 km/h (56 miles per hour), you'll get a range of 340 kilometers (211 miles). Not sure if that's worth €300,000 ($412,000 U.S. at today's exchange rates), but there you have it.

Part of that performance comes from SKF's bearings and engineering services, which grew out of the SKF Racing Unit. The bearings are used in the speed reducer of the electric motor and the front wheel end. Think this doesn't have any real-world application because SKF only needs to provide ten sets of parts? You're kind of right, but there's more to the story. SKF is also working with Venturi to put reducer bearings into the all-electric Berlingo that is being designed for the French postal service.

[Source: SKF]


SKF providing bearings and engineering services to Venturi for the new Venturi Fétish all-electric sports car

The new Venturi Fétish all-electric sports car was launched at the Paris Motor Show. SKF continues to support Venturi with customized engineering calculation services, as well as bearings for the speed reducer of the electric motor and for the front wheel end.

SKF's technical partnership with Venturi Automobiles is based on the deep knowledge and experience its SKF Racing Unit has with the racing market. SKF's expertise in electric vehicles also played an important role.

In addition, SKF has been working with Venturi to provide the reducer bearings for the new Berlingo model, specifically designed for the French postal service, which is equipped with a Venturi electric engine.

"We are proud to be a partner with Venturi. They chose SKF because of our highly appreciated responsiveness and speed in sharing knowledge and delivering solutions for their electric vehicles programs," says Paolo Andolfi, manager, SKF Racing Unit.

Airasca, 18 October 2010

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