Connecticut-based Green Garage Associates is trying to capitalize on the growing demand for plug-in vehicles by providing electric vehicle chargers in convenient, public locations. The company is campaigning to get parking lot owners to purchase and install its Garage Juice Bar, a custom-designed EV charger that then could entice plug-in drivers to use those lots over others in the area. The deals could include free juice after paying the going rate for the privilege of parking. The idea of free fill ups with an attached parking fee is nothing new, but Green Garage Associates pitches it in such a way that parking lot owners would get a benefit from offering free charging as well.

To date, Green Garage Associates has installed several Juice Bar chargers in Cambridge, MA and New Haven, CT. The company is currently installing ten chargers in the San Francisco area and has signed a deal to provide ten more for use on a lot near the Denver International Airport. Government funding and various grants have covered the costs of many of the charging stations, which makes the $3,000 to $5,000 Juice Bar free – and very appealing – for most parking lot owners.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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