Eduard Gray's Saab 92010 Sixten concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

When we think of the most capable sporting chassis manufacturers in the auto industry, BMW sits near the top of the list. So it makes sense that Saab would be interested in forming a partnership with the German automaker to produce a front-wheel drive platform for the 9-2 supermini.

Saab boss Victor Muller told Reuters it was searching for a partner to provide hardware, adding that he can't say which automaker he'd prefer to work with. Having said that, Muller added "BMW would make a wonderful partner." And Muller would know a thing or two about partnering with the boys and girls at the Bavarian Motor Werks since the two automakers just consummated a tie-up on engine development.

At this point we don't know for sure whether the 9-2 will ever see the light of day. But if the supermini does materialize it makes quite a bit of sense to us that a BMW chassis will accompany it's powertrain. If we're lucky the 9-2 will look as good as the above concept.

[Source: Autocar]

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