Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 won't be hitting the shelves next month as originally recently scheduled, but that isn't stopping Toyota from hosting a 24-hour Playstation 3 GT5 endurance race at this year's Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. The Japanese manufacturer has announced that a total of 48 drivers split into two teams – red and white after the company's corporate colors – will race virtual interpretations of the FT-86 G Sports concept for a full day and night.
That doesn't mean that the same 48 guys will be planted in front of television screens for 24 hours, though. Toyota says that the 24 members of each team will race for one hour each starting at 3:00 PM. today and wrapping up at 3:00 PM. the next day. Toyota has chosen the epic Nürburgring as the field of battle.

Interestingly enough, neither Toyota nor Polyphony Digital are saying exactly what spoils will go to the winning team. We're hoping it's more than bragging rights.

[Source: IGN]

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