A group of union members are reportedly unhappy about the two-tier wage system that the United Auto Workers agreed to for the General Motors Orion Township plant. According to the Detroit Free Press, around 100 current and retired union workers from three states descended on the UAW's Detroit headquarters to protest the move on Saturday.
The demonstration was designed to show the members' disapproval of the October 3 UAW/GM deal that will put around 40 percent of the workers at the Orion Township facility on a second-tier pay system, effectively amounting to half of the $28 per hour that tier-one workers make.

Both the UAW and GM say that the move was made to help the Orion-built Chevrolet Cruze become a profitable model for The General. The UAW also said that there are no plans to see the same pay structure spread to other plants and that if GM does very well in the coming months, there are opportunities to make improvements for the union's members.

Union members aren't so convinced that the two-tier system won't seep into other plants, however, and they feel that the Orion Township situation sets a dangerous precedent that could easily be revisited at other facilities in the future.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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