Spy Shots: Subaru FT-86 spotted again... is it the STI?

Subaru FT-86 STI – Click above for high-res image gallery

Toyota has been stealing all of the limelight with its interpretation of the company's forthcoming collaboration with Subaru recently. What with news that the car may actually cost more than $25,000 and show up under the Scion banner, the interwebs have been alight with talk of the 'Yota coupe. Meanwhile, word of the Subaru half of the equation has been left to a scant few spy photos and little else.

Well, we can add yet another smattering of shots of the Pleiades-badged coupe to the mix. Our camera-equipped spyshot ninjas have managed to nab a few more pics of the Subaru mule our for testing, and this time, it appears that the engineers are hard at work playing with an STI variant. Why do we say that? Feast your eyes on that bulging hood and front-mounted intercooler. Those two pieces all but scream hi-po, and they are our first indication that the flat-four powered, all-wheel drive coupe will be available with a powertrain offering something north of 300 horsepower. As of right now, it's anyone's guess as to when we can expect to see either the FT-86 or its Subaru equivalent on the scene, but early reports are saying 2012 is a good possibility. Get excited.

  • Subaru FT-86 STI Spy Shots front
    • Subaru FT-86 STI Spy Shots front
    • Subaru FT-86 STI Spy Shots front 3/4
    • Subaru FT-86 STI Spy Shots side
    • Subaru FT-86 STI Spy Shots rear 3/4
    • Subaru FT-86 STI Spy Shots rear

[Source: CarPix]

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