Early next month, Siemens will launch a pilot project focused on gaining a thorough understanding of, "the interplay between the cars and their infrastructure." Yeah, that's probably code for another electric test fleet but Siemens words it in such a way that the project could be a little more techy than most others – truth be told, it likely is.

Here's what the test project boils down to: this November, Siemens will launch its 4-Sustainelectromobility (4-S) pilot project and issue 20 electric vehicles (EVs) to its employees for testing in Munich, Germany. Next Spring, 15 more EVs, equipped with a drive system developed by Siemens, will enter the test fleet. At the same time, Siemens will launch an in-house EV car-sharing program at its Berlin facility, presumably offering up to 65 battery-powered vehicles to be shared among its employees.

Experience and insight gained throughout the program will be incorporated into the development of new Siemens automotive components engineered specifically for battery-powered vehicles. In addition, Siemens will provide chargers for the pilot project and hopes that the 4-S program provides a real-world opportunity for the company to investigate the possibility of fast charging via direct current.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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