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Video: White Lake Formula 1 Ring slot car track

White Lake F1 Ring slot car track – Click above to watch video after the jump

Ah, enthusiasts. Damn the torpedoes, time and money; when the dedicated maven decides to make something of his own, he doesn't just do it a little. Hence, when James-Michael Gregory Harlan of Pontiac, Michigan wanted a slot car track as long as his name, he made it himself and called it the White Lake Formula 1 Ring.

An exhibit designer by trade, Harlan brought his massive skills to the endeavor by creating a track he believes "comprised many of the challenges one might encounter on a modern F1 circuit." Hermann Tilke should take notes. The track itself is CNC routed on the AC2car system that lets two cars run on the same slot – giving racers a chance to pass each other using the lane changers.

Built in a 20-square-foot space, the ring is 1/32-scale, the lap is 145 feet long, and it features 19 turns and 2.5 feet of elevation change. Surrounding it is a hand-built and painted environment that includes pit lanes, a helipad and crane, bleachers and viewing towers, and lights for night racing. It comes as no surprise that he's been working on it for years. You can see the fruits of his labor in the video after the jump and the gallery of high-res photos below. Once you're done with those, be sure to check out even more pics on Flickr.

[Source: WLF1 Ring]

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