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Toyota's latest cutting-edge film, developed by advertising agency glue Isobar, utilizes breakthrough projection-mapping techniques to portray the Auris Hybrid's unique technology. The short flick opens with an Auris Hybrid that was shot live on location in a tunnel in London's Shoreditch area. Passers-by witness the Auris undergo a transformation; its bodywork is stripped away to reveal a glowing blue light that symbolizes the hybrid's internal energy. A blue beam of light shoots out of the vehicle and powers some surrounding objects before returning to its rightful place: the Auris' battery pack.

The sequence supposedly demonstrates how the, "Auris Hybrid gets its energy back and delivers exceptional fuel economy." But if you watch the video with that in mind, then it certainly doesn't make much sense. If, instead, you simply kick back and view it for enjoyment, then the clip takes on a whole new light (ahem). Hit the jump to watch the Toyota Auris Hybrid transform into some glowing blue energy.

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Toyota and glue Isobar launch ground-breaking film

Toyota has launched a cutting-edge film featuring the latest projection-mapping techniques to showcase the unique Hybrid technology now available inside its new Auris.

The film, developed by advertising agency glue Isobar, is designed to portray the vehicle's extraordinary ability to constantly recycle the energy it uses. The 3D projection shows the car transforming; its bodywork peeling back to reveal a glowing blue light which symbolizes the car's Hybrid energy.

The energy then escapes from the car and 'energises' objects in the surrounding environment. Upon reaching a crescendo, the sequence then reverses, with the energy being drawn back into the car, thus demonstrating how the Auris Hybrid gets its energy back and deliver exceptional fuel economy.

The documentary-style piece, which is intended to appeal to a tech-savvy audience, was shot during the live event on location in a tunnel in London's Shoreditch area. Witnessed by passers-by, the film is accompanied by an original and immersive audio track.

The film has been seeded via digital channels and further social content is hosted on a dedicated campaign hub at

The film has been produced by glue Isobar's digital film unit, Superglue, which counts Gavin Rotherby, the VFX expert behind the special effects on Bafta-winning film Moon, as one of its team members. The projection mapping software and geometry system was developed by Igloo Vision.

John Thomson, Marketing Director, Toyota, said: 'The latest film for the Toyota Auris is the perfect creative illustration of the innovative hybrid technology behind the Auris. The ground-breaking use of projection mapping in the film had produced an incredible piece of creative that reinforces Toyota's unique position as a clear technology leader in its field as well as our commitment to promoting sustainable driving.'

Lisa Fielden, Brand Development Manager, Toyota said: 'The film uses cutting-edge film projection technology to showcase our innovative hybrid technology. We hope that this creative will not only capture consumers' imagination, but also inspire them to find out more about the benefits of the hybrid technology of the New Auris'.

About the campaign

Toyota has launched a cutting-edge film featuring the latest projection mapping techniques to showcase the Auris' unique ability to recycle energy as you drive.

The film, created for Toyota by advertising agency glue Isobar, demonstrates how the hybrid Auris uses the latest in cutting-edge Hybrid Synergy Drive technology to capture momentum as the car is being driven and convert it into energy.

The vibrant blue symbolises the car's hybrid power, which appears to flow from the car to the surrounding street. The sequence then reverses with the energy drawn back into the car and the bodywork rolling back into place.

The film provides a creative focal point for a new Auris hybrid campaign website,, which acts as a hub for social media channels, video clips, user comments and images to spread the word about Auris Hybrid's unique qualities.

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