In 2006, the unforgettable documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" brought battery-powered vehicles into the spotlight. The flick took shots at General Motors and Big Oil, blaming both for the demise of the electric vehicle (EV), but it was, and still is, one of the only films to focus on EVs. The sequel, "Revenge of the Electric Car," is sure to be an influential piece as well. But another documentary, one that's not associated with either of the aforementioned films, is coming out before that second chapter.

A 75-minute film titled "What is the Electric Car?" will hit select theaters for a single-night screening next month, followed quickly by a release on DVD and in streaming video form on November 15th. The film, by Nemours Marketing (the hit factory behind Magic 4 Morons and the Who Stole The Electric Car? "comedy") focuses on a college student who explores electric cars for a school project and her father, an SUV driver that's not quite into the battery-powered mania. The documentary features over 50 EV owners, designers, manufacturers and much more. Tesla Motors, Wheego, Coda Automotive and others get in on the action. There's even a clip that involves the thought-to-be-top-heavy Tango electric car, but we'll stop now before revealing too much.

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[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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