Mitsubishi Motors announced its intentions to launch a compact, battery-electric delivery van in Japan by the end of 2011. The automaker plans on selling 10,000 of the commercial-use vans as quickly as possible and targets a sub-two million yen ($24,450 U.S. at the current exchange rate) price after government subsidies are factored in. Mitsubishi president Osamu Masuko said the company's intentions are to produce an electric van after handing a prototype version over to Yamato Holdings Co., Japan's leading delivery company.

Masuko stated that the commercial-use van will have a range of around 62 miles, which is a downgrade from the i-MiEV's estimated range of 100 miles. However, Masuko noted that the range will be more than sufficient to handle parcel delivery services and should help keep the van's price in check.

After digging up some recent reports, we'd also assume that Mitsubishi's electric van will be a close cousin to the Citroen Berlingo pictured above. Why's that? Well, Mitsubishi is assisting PSA Peugeot Citroen with the electrification process of the Partner and Berlingo vans and extending that agreement to include a Mitsubishi version just seems logical to us.

[Source: Reuters]

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