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Building or converting an electric vehicle (EV) can be extremely rewarding. Rolling down the road in a machine of your own making can give one a sense of satisfaction that might only be rivaled by the joy of never again having to stop at a gas station to fill 'er up. It can also, of course, be very expensive. Now, for one lucky future builder, the cost of components could be reduced by about $20,000. The crew at EVTV has rounded up an impressive array of the most necessary bits needed for a successful electrifying endeavor and will be giving them away to the winner of their newly announced contest.

So, what kind of EV booty are we talking here? How about 50 China Aviation Lithium Battery Company (CALB) 180AH lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO) cells. The 30 kWh pack should be able to get a reasonably-sized vehicle about 100 miles down the road. To power the project, Netgain Motors is throwing its latest version of the Warp 9 serial DC motor and to tie it all together, they have selected the Soliton1 by EVnetics as the controller. There will also be a charger that has yet to be selected. All this, plus shipping. Not to mention plenty of advice should you hit a snag and have a question or two.

To enter, got to the EVTV website, click on the contest link and answer all the questions. After collecting entries for several months, show hosts Jack Rickard and Brian Noto will give their top 100 to the sponsors who will whittle that number down to ten. From there, it will be up to the viewing audience to select the winner. Hit the jump for a trio of videos outlining the contest. Good luck and, if you need us, we'll be shopping for a lightly-used 1978 Subaru wagon.

[Source: EVTV]

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