Chevrolet Volt charging procedure – Click above to watch video after the jump

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) is about as simple as, well, filling you car up with gas (maybe simpler). The energy going into the vehicle might be quite different, but the task of plugging in is a piece of cake and will remind drivers of filling up at today's pump. It's not like it takes some genius engineer or rocket scientist to figure out how to plug in a cord that sends the juice flowing into a battery-powered vehicle, but just in case plug-in buyers need some further guidance, General Motors posted a step-by-step video demonstrating the process. It's really quite easy: grab the cord from that nifty 240-volt wall-mounted charger. Walk over to your Chevrolet Volt. Swing open the access panel, insert plug and wait. Before you know it, the charging is done. If you're still a little leery about the process, then Chevrolet's instructional charging video posted after the jump should ease your inhibitions.

[Source: YouTube]

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