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Goodbye, Sebring, thanks for the memories... sort of. Sadly, most of the recollections we can muster that include Chrysler's mid-size sedan aren't ones we're particularly fond of – at least not when thinking of the nameplate's current generation, which debuted in 2007 to a chorus of boos amongst the motoring press and limp sales directly thereafter. Why? Taking lackluster driving dynamics and a disappointing interior out of the equation, the biggest problem with the Sebring has been that it's widely considered to be one of the least attractive sedans on the road.

And so it's with eager anticipation that we look forward to the introduction of the Chrysler 200 for 2011. The Pentastar brand has just pulled the covers (mostly) off its thoroughly updated family sedan, and for the most part, we like what we see, though admittedly it's a long way off from the more adventuresome 200C concept car that wowed Detroit Auto Show goers in 2009. There may be a few nits that need picking, however, starting with what seems to be a completely carryover greenhouse. Also, the fact that a four-speed automatic gearbox is still available on some models is a disappointment (though it's likely just for rental car-spec models), and we've yet to see the full interior.

We know there are a lot more specifics yet to be revealed, but the question that most needs answering today is whether or not you, dear readers, think that Chrysler has done enough with the 200 to differentiate it from the unloved Sebring. Take a moment to scroll back through the photos (click here if you want a quick refresher on the 2010 Sebring), then be sure to take part in our completely unscientific poll below. Finally, feel free to have your say in our 'Comments' section below.

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