Credo E-Bone concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Hungarian designer Peter Simon dreamed up the Credo E-Bone concept bus as public transportation at its greenest. The zero-emissions E-Bone generates power from hydrogen fuel cells and stores juice in lithium-ion batteries mounted on the bus' enormous roof. Motivation is provided by four wheel-mounted electric motors and the concept features lightweight composite plastics throughout. The E-Bone name, though unusual, actually refers to the bus' skeleton-like structure and electric-drive capabilities.

Though just a concept, the Credo E-Bone's striking looks and high-tech gadgetry clues us in on what can be done when mind and money come together to design a bus like no other. E-Bone designer Peter Simon didn't provide any specs for this green machine, but the gallery of images is certainly worthy of a look. Hat tip to Roy!

Credo E-Bone concept
  • Credo E-Bone concept

[Source: Ecofriend]

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