Video: Bumblebee accidentally T-bones a real cop car on TF3 set

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You know how they say some movies are cursed? It seems that may just be the case for the folks working on Transformers 3. The movie has had its share of crashes, with a few of them being of the "unplanned" variety. The latest incident takes place in Washington D.C. and involves a certain yellow Camaro that Transformers fans know better as Bumblebee.

As a scene was being filmed, a real police vehicle was responding to a call and cut quickly across the set. The two cars collided and the police officer driving the SUV was taken to a nearby hospital, but it appears there are no serious injuries – except to the Camaro, which was covered up and taken away.

Earlier this year, production came to a screeching halt when Gabrielo Cedillo had to be rushed to the hospital. Cedillo, an extra, was driving a car when a cable from a camera vehicle broke loose, smashed through her windshield and hit her in the head. She underwent emergency surgery but her stint in the ICU is up, and her condition is improving.

A trio of videos of this latest accident can be seen after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Mark!

[Source: TMZ, Youtube]

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