F1 bosses place bet that involves cross-dressing flight attendants?

Things are heating up in Formula One. As you may recall, earlier this year, Lotus head honcho Tony Fernandes jested that he would retire and kill himself if his team was bested by Virgin. A gaggle of reporters recently pinged Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson to see how he felt about Fernandes' oath of victory or death, and Branson responded with a challenge for the Lotus guru. The boss of the losing team will have to serve as a stewardess on the winning team's respective airline.
Surprisingly enough, ESPN reports that Fernandes is apparently just fine with the notion, saying that the sexier the outfit the better. Fernandes owns Air Asia, which was quick to crank out a rendering of what Sir Branson would look like all dolled up in the airline's standard flight-attendant garb. It's an image we won't be able to shake for a good long while.

Fernandes was also quick to throw a little more fuel on the trash-talking fire, saying that he was certain that his customers would be thrilled to be served by a Knight of the Realm. Judging from that rendering, we're not sure that "thrilled" is an accurate description.

[Source: ESPN F1]

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