Jay Leno samples the new Scarab – Click above to watch video after the jump

Jay Leno gets to spend many a minute examining some of the coolest rides on the planet. The latest vehicle to grace his garage is a modern revival of a classic racing name – Scarab.

The original Scarab was a race car built for Lance Reventlow, a wealthy young playboy who was the only child to Barbara Hutton, the heiress to the Woolworth's fortune. Reventlow wasn't just a rich kid looking for some excitement, he started racing Cooper Formula 2 cars in Europe before opening Reventlow Automobiles back in Venice, California. The car his team campaigned was the beautifully proportioned Scarab and it achieved success right out of the gate. Carroll Shelby even spent time behind the wheel of a Scarab, breaking the course record at Continental Divide Raceway in the process. The car has an impressive history but its not widely spoken about because of its short lifespan.

Formed in 2008, Scarab Motorsports is looking to revive the name coined by Reventlow. Starting with a handcrafted aluminum body built to the original car's specifications, the Scarab Motorsports team adds coilover shocks and springs, Wilwood 12-inch rotors with stainless steel lines and the standard array of items necessary to make this a street legal vehicle. The price of the new Scarab starts at $79,750 and that 's just for the rolling chassis and a bunch of standard items. There are many optional items available as well, including a right-hand drive setup, roll hoop and other competition-minded features.

Check out Leno talking about the car with its creator, then taking it out for a spin. The video is parked in section A-J, as in after the jump.

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