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Citroen has begun taking orders on its pair of electric vehicles – the C-Zero and Berlingo First Electric – and reports that its has taken 800 orders for the C-Zero, a nearly identical twin of Mitsubishi's i-MiEV. Most of the orders will be fulfilled soon and shipped out to public and private fleets within the next month. Of the 800 C-Zeroes, 400 were ordered by Raiffeisen Leasing in Austria, 53 will go to Choose EV in Denmark and some are headed to undisclosed customers in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France. 63 C-Zeros were swooped up by private customers in Norway. National/Citer, a short-term car rental company, signed a contract with Citroen and expects its order of 250 C-Zeros to be fulfilled soon.

While some C-Zeros are headed to the public, virtually all of the first 400 Berlingo First Electrics have been ordered for fleet use. 250 battery-powered Berlingos will ship out to the French post office, La Poste, later this month. Raiffeisen Leasing will see its batch of 140 Berlingos arrive next month. For now, Citroën is probably content with fleet sales, but as production of both vehicles ramp up, interest from private individuals will hopefully rise as well.

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Citroën has taken more than 800 orders for Citroën C-ZERO and nearly 400 for Citroën Berlingo First Electric, proving that the electric car has become a sales reality at the brand. Private and professional customers alike have found a practical and adapted solution to their needs at the Marque.

With the automobile very much at the fore with the Paris Motor Show, Citroën is confirming that the electric car is a sales reality. Alongside the C-ZERO, the brand is presenting the Citroën Berlingo First Electric "Powered by Venturi" (Hall 2.1), bearing the colours of the French post office, La Poste. Some 250 postmen are set to start using these vehicles in October across France. And in a few months' time Raiffeisen Leasing will take delivery of an initial order of 140 vehicles.

More than 800 Citroën C-ZERO units have already been ordered for the first launch month of the 100% electric city car. Most of them are heading to companies in Europe, with 400 ordered by Raiffeisen Leasing in Austria, 53 by Choose EV in Denmark, and the rest by other customers in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Some 63 private customers in Norway have succumbed to the charms of the C-ZERO, the urban and peri-urban vehicle par excellence.

Calls for tender are currently underway with public and private businesses in car-sharing and rental. Citroën signed its most recent contract last Friday, concerning 250 C-ZERO cars for the short-term rental company National/Citer, which thus becomes the first rental company to set up a fleet of this size of full-electric vehicles.

The managing directors of Kone France and Arval are scheduled to meet with David Staniforth, head of Citroën Business International, on the Citroën stand in Hall 2.1 at 2 pm today to complete the first order of Citroën C- ZERO by a long-term rental company.

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