Aerial view of the Port of Los Angeles

How do you convince foreign automakers to export their electric vehicles (EVs) to the U.S.? One simple method, chosen by the Port of Los Angeles, is to reduce tariffs and storage fees on all "zero-emissions" vehicles that arrive by sea. Under a plan approved by the Board of Harbor Commissioners and waiting for a final sign off by the city council, LA's port will slash fees by 15 percent for all battery-powered vehicles passing through. This plan should entice automakers such as Nissan, Infiniti and BYD to utilize the port over others in the area and might also convince additional manufacturers to export EVs to U.S. turf.

Reduced wharfage fees should help automakers keep prices of their "zero-emissions" vehicles in check while also convincing many that the U.S. is a prime market for EVs. The executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, Geraldine Knatz, detailed the port's commitment to clean technologies like this:
The port is proud to play a key role in attracting new and clean technology enterprises to the city. We will continue to find creative ways to expand our business and job creation opportunities while remaining committed to our strict environmental standards.
With the Port of Los Angeles electing to slash fees on battery-powered vehicle, we'd like to believe it's just a matter of time before others follow suit.

[Source: Daily Breeze | Image: USCG]

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