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You'd be forgiven for believe the Audi TT RS is fast enough. By most accounts it is, packing a 340 horsepower, turbocharged inline five, it's good for a four-and-a-half-second sprint to sixty and a 174 mph top speed. But if you're going after the triple-century metric mark (close to 200 mph), you're going to need a little something extra.

So says MTM. And they ought to know. The German tuning house has a history of taking Audis to the V-max and beyond, having brought an RS6 Avant to 344.2 km/h in 2009, a radical twin-engine TT to 393.6 in 2007 and a Bentley to 331 in 2008.

In an effort to take the TT RS past the 300 mark without the need for breaching the 500 hp mark, MTM tweaked the ECU, modified the turbo spools and fitted a new exhaust system – along with new wheels, tires and brakes. The result of the engine mods was 472 hp, enough to get its customized TT RS up to a GPS-certified top speed of 312 km/h (just under 194 mph) at Italy's Nardo test track. And they'll sell you the modifications too, for a price: €14,500 for the engine mods and another €9,973 for the suspension and wheel work, taxes and installation included.

Having proven their point about power:speed ratios, MTM's also working on a 500+hp version. We can hardly wait to see what they'll manage with that one, but for now you can check out the images in the gallery below and the details in the press release after the jump.


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MTM TT RS: With 472 bhp faster than 310 km/h
  • Audi refiner MTM drives 312 km/h with the TTRS in Nardo
  • Sophisticated technique to ensure best driving values
  • Complete package including wheels and brakes
How much engine performance do you need to break 300 km/h? The ones who think that this needs more than 500 bhp will learn that this is not correct. The TTRS with 472 bhp by MTM from Wettstetten / Ingolstadt was GPS measured to be 312 km/h at test runs on the Nardo highspeed track in Italy at the beginning of September 2010. For many other tuners a hard nut to crack despite of increased efficiency.

"It's not decisive what we measure on the dynamometer but how many bhp you get on the road" says Roland Mayer, owner and Head of the technical Department of MTM. The right master plan has a bigger effect on driving dynamics, acceleration times and maximum speed than the search for a maximum in performance values.

In the case of the MTM TTRS this means: modification of the control unit, MTM turbo charger and a complete new MTM exhaust system from turbo.

The result: 472 bhp (347 kW) with 7.000 rpm/min, a 0-100 km/h time of just 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 312 km/h - driven in Nardo with Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres on 20-inch bimoto wheels.

The MTM TTRS with 472 bhp doesn't has to fear the competition of other tuners, who are still fighting with 300 km/h and can't reduce 0-100 km/h time under 4.0 seconds despite a plus of 30 bhp.

MTM is one of the leading and at the same time the fastest of all Audi refiners worldwide. Within the last years engineers from Wettstetten showed best values:

MTM RS6 R with a top speed of 344,2 km/h is the fastest station wagon in the world. A MTM customer drove this record in Nardo in 2009. Moreover the fastest Bentley GPS measured 331 km/h in 2008 is from Roland Mayers workshop.

The TT Bimoto with two engines set as well a new record by driving 393,6 km/h in Papenburg in 2007. Today the Bimoto is still holding the track record for street-legal cars in Nardo driven by Florian Gruber. Nardo test drives under extreme conditions are an important part of MTM development work. Outside temperature was temporary at 35 degrees.

The costs for the upgrade from 380 to 472 bhp are about 14.500 € incl. tax and installation. The price for 20-inch bimoto forged rims, 15-inch brakes with eight-piston calipers (front axle) is 9.973 € incl. tax and installation.

Right now MTM is working on an over 500 bhp version.

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