Just who is the EV20 Alliance you ask? In a nutshell, it is a global alliance of business and government leaders that hopes to significantly expand the production and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) over the next five years. The group is ambitious, and hopes to get a million EVs on the road. The next obvious question is how are they going to accomplish this? Unfortunately, the answer is not very exciting. No, the alliance is not working together to build the EV of your dreams. Instead, it hopes to achieve its goals through brokering international fleet procurement alliances, developing national, state and municipal policy frameworks, and financing solutions. Sarah Skikne, EV project manager for The Climate Group, summed up what the EV20 Alliance is all about:
EV20 aims to connect the leaders in the field, speed up the learning process and pool resources. We're delighted that these influential organizations have joined us in this effort. Electric vehicles are cleaner and more efficient, even based on today's energy sources. Governments, banks and businesses around the world are grappling with the same challenge: How to harness the potential of plug-in vehicles for their citizens, workers and investors.
The first EV20 meeting took place in New York City last month and the next meeting is planned at the UN climate talks in Cancun, Mexico later this year. We certainly hope this group achieves its goals and advances the commercial deployment of EVs around the world. This newly formed group is chaired by Prince Albert II of Monaco and convened by The Climate Group. Notable members include Smith Electric Vehicles, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Johnson Controls Inc., Deutsche Bank and Better Place. In addition, New York, Basque Country, Quebec, South Australia and Victoria have signed on.

[Source: Reuters]

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