Acura is planning a host of product updates in the very near future, and along with the launch of the TSX Wagon, two new models could come down the pike. According to Autoweek, Acura is considering a coupe built atop the TSX platform and a compact sedan to capitalize on the States' newfound love of smaller vehicles.

A TSX-based coupe would fill the gap left by the CL after its demise in 2003, and while Acura already produces a compact sedan for the Canadian market – the Acura CSX pictured above – it's simply a re-badged Civic with an upgraded interior. Obviously, Acura would need to do more to woo buyers into a smaller vehicle, and its best bet is to leverage one of Honda's other platforms for the task. An Acura Fit? Not so much...

[Source: Autoweek]

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