In a really good year, Aston Martin sells about 10,000 vehicles. That exclusivity is part of the brand's cachet, but exactly how much brand-name juice does Aston have? In the UK, apparently, more than any other.

The Superbrands Cool Brands survey by the UK-based Centre for Brand Analysis crowned Aston Martin as the coolest brand among the top 500 companies studied. 2,000 consumers and a panel of designers, editorial types and brand consultants gave the nod to Aston Martin after a tough battle against the likes of the iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and Harley-Davidson. While Aston took the top spot overall, high tech companies like Google, Apple, YouTube and Nintendo dominate the list. The only other automakers making the cut are Ferrari at number nine and Mini at 16.

We love Aston Martin, but it's pretty clear that it benefited from some UK home-cooking here. After all, the BBC iPlayer made the top 20 in this survey...

[Source: Marketing Week]

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