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During a live press conference at the Paris Motor Show, Volvo's newly appointed chief executive officer, Stefan Jacoby, stated that the company's future lies in electric cars. Jacoby proudly proclaimed, "we will set the standard in the industry" and with plans calling for the C30 DRIVe electric to enter production in 2011 and an unnamed plug-in hybrid diesel slated for 2012, he wasn't kidding. Apparently, he's had a change of heart since moving away from Volkswagen.

Volvo's new CEO emphasized the importance of electrification and called attention to the C30 DRIVe as a shining example of the automaker's accomplishments in the battery-powered segment. Jacoby said the company's electric commitments begin with a limited production run of electrified C30's that will head out to test fleets in Europe, China and the U.S. early next year.

But Volvo's electric plans don't end there. In 2012, Volvo will offer a plug-in hybrid diesel that aims to put just about any of its competitors to shame. With a projected CO2 emissions rating of under 50 grams per kilometer, this plug-in hybrid figures to be one of the cleanest in the world. Jacoby stopped short of announcing which model would be fitted for plug-in hybrid duties, but we'd put our money down on either the V70 or S60. Hit the jump for more on Volvo's electric future and click here to watch Jacoby outline Volvo's future. Hat tip to David!

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Paris Motor Show:

Stefan Jacoby sees an electric future for Volvo Cars

In a press conference at Paris Motor Show on Thursday September 30, Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Cars stated that the future for Volvo lies in electric cars.

"We will set a standard in the industry," Jacoby said, revealing that the Volvo C30 DRIVe Electric will go into production in 2011.

Le Mondial Automobile in Paris is the first international motor show for Stefan Jacoby in his new position. He joined Volvo Cars as President & CEO on 16 August.

In Paris, Volvo Cars displays the new sports wagon V60 to the public for the first time, alongside with the sporty R-Design version of both the S60 sedan and the V60.

During the press conference in the Volvo stand, Stefan Jacoby emphasised the importance of electrification. Present in the stand is the Volvo C30 DRIVe Electric, a sporty car that runs purely on electricity and has a range of 150 kilometres on a single charge.

The C30 DRIVe Electric will go into production in early 2011 and run in test fleets in Europe, China and the US.

Stefan Jacoby also stated that Volvo Cars will have a plug-in hybrid on offer in 2012, combining an electric power with a diesel hybrid power train. The Volvo plug-in hybrid will have ultra low CO2 emissions, below 50 grams CO2/km.

"We move into the future with the aspiration to design vehicles with minimised environmental impact, as well as the ambition to produce the world's safest cars," Stefan Jacoby said.

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