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Will Fisker Automotive follow in Tesla's footsteps and offer people with a little extra cash a chance to buy more than just an advanced technology vehicle? That's what it sounds like, according to a report in Reuters. Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker told the news service that once the Karma has been launched (and, um, that target is now set for March 2011), the pieces will be in place for an initial public offering. Specifically, Fisker said:
You have to get the revenue and launch the Karma, but we already are making sure our company is prepared for this possibility of an IPO. ... Our whole company is set up so we will be ready when the time is right.
Speaking of time, here's something to note: the initial batch of Project Nina test vehicles should be ready in less than a year, in September 2011, but the company has no plans to show it until right before production starts in 2012. Why? No clue. In any case, if an IPO does happen, let's hope it isn't beset by delays the way the Karma's launch has been.

[Source: Reuters]

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