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Although it only recently became available in the market, the Tesla Roadster has sold only about 300 units so far in Europe (the first one sold in Europe, to Iceland's Gisli Gislason, the man behind Northern Lights Energy, is pictured above). With the Roadster sales nearly stagnant in the U.S. (at around 1,000), Europe represents a potentially significant growth opportunity. However, as Tesla Motors is discovering, the sleek, quick and green car is not as easy of a sell as one would expect in the European Union, comprised of a diverse collection of countries, each requiring different marketing strategies. While promoting the Roadster's green qualities will work well in countries such as Switzerland, Germany and the Nordic nations, it could work better to emphasize the Roadster's great handling and acceleration in places like Italy. Christiano Carlutti, vice president of European sales for Tesla Motors summed up the current situation to BNET's Jim Motovalli:
Tesla's image is a positive one, but the car is not well known in many European countries. And getting the message out about the Tesla Roadster is complicated by multiple languages and very dispersed media markets.The existence of the European Union makes it easier to trade across national borders, but people don't generally go to other countries to buy cars. And Switzerland – which has our biggest per capita market, and a wealthy population that is passionate about cars – is not a member.
Milan and Paris dealerships are being added to the current European roster, which also includes Munich, Monaco, Copenhagen and London. With the Model S slated for a 2012 release, this expanded dealership network, along with targeted marketing, will be crucial to ensuring that Tesla's more affordable model sees larger volume sales. Hit the jump to see Carlutti discuss Tesla sales in Europe.

[Source: BNET ]

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