Charging an electric vehicle (EV) via solar power is not a novel idea, but the Car Arc concept from modular bike park system designer Bike Arc attacks the task of capturing the sun rays with some modern flair. The Car Arc's curvaceous structure is made from extruded metal tubes that are shaped to form a carport-like structure that can be installed just about anywhere.

Ease of install is definitely a plus, as is the nifty bicycle storage setup, but the thin layer of solar film attached to the Car Arc's polycarbonate roof is the heart and soul of the system and that's where we find fault. While the concept is striking, the thin solar film would need be extremely powerful to capture enough of the sun's energy to charge up an electric bike, let alone a battery-powered vehicle. Also, what's up with promo pictures that show the Acr in the shade? The Car Arc may be one of the niftiest carports available, but as a charger for EVs, we'd suggest either a full-blown solar setup like this one or something that's wall-mounted and gets its juice from the grid.

[Source: TreeHugger]

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