Is this the concept car that Lamborghini has been teasing us in such an achingly slow manner leading up to this week's Paris Motor Show? All signs point to yes, but it's still too early to know for sure. In any case, the Sesto Elemento – if it is indeed the next Lambo to be hung on the walls of teenage boys from Constantinople to Timbuktu – will push forward with the jet-fighter-ish angular styling theme set in motion by the limited production Reventon from the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show... for better or for worse.

As expected, the Sesto Elemento (which translated to English means Sixth Element – we'd expect some sort of Bullish name if it hits production) is crafted almost exclusively from carbon fiber. That means it's light... as in just 2,200 pounds (999 kilograms) light. That's seriously low for a V10-powered supercar, and it means an estimated 0 to 62 (100 kilometers per hour) run of just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 217.5 miles per hour (350 kph).

With a weight that low, we wouldn't expect any kind of hybrid powertrain, but you never know. It's not really possible to get a good feel for the appearance of the Sesto Elemento based on this grainy photo, but we're certainly intrigued. Stay tuned for a full high-res photo gallery of Lambo's latest concept after our coverage begins in earnest this Thursday. Thanks to all who sent this in!

[Source: Blog Automobile via GT Spirit]

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