General Motors
is teaming up with Microsoft to become the first company to launch a car using the Redmond-based technology firm's Xbox Kinect gaming technology. With the Chevy Volt's November launch date coming up fast, hardcore gamers can expect to see plenty of electric car racing action in the coming weeks.

Further, Chevrolet will use Microsoft technology, including its upcoming Windows 7 mobile phone platform, to allow users to learn all about the Volt and its innovative powertrain – even schedule test drives. Don't expect Chevrolet and Microsoft to be the only large companies teaming up on virtual advertising, though. According to research performed by Microsoft, over two-thirds of consumers are totally fine with this type of salesmanship and product placement. Further, Darren Huston, corporate VP of global consumer and online marketing for Microsoft, says:
Another interesting fact is that TV combined with online improves recall by more than half. Media consumption continues to increase, up 197 hours per month, partly because people are time-shifting and place-shifting. Young people rarely watch TV without another screen around them.
[Source: MediaPost]

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