Traffic Violations aired as public shaming tool – Click above to watch video after the jump

Police in Abu Dhabi take traffic violations very seriously, and they're reportedly adding a new tool to their arsenal – public shaming. After the evening news bulletin, videos will be shown of various traffic offenses along with the fines and penalties they incur. They have already lined up 30 such video violations and plan to run the series for a month.

The goal of these spots is to increase the awareness of what happens when you commit a driving infraction. This also highlights the idea that the Abu Dhabi police force need not be on-hand to witness the crime. Traffic cameras catch the action and they monitor many city streets around the clock.

You just know that U.S. television producers will "borrow" this idea and turn it into a reality show. Obey our traffic laws by hopping the jump to view the video. Thanks for the tip, Ajay!

[Source: Gulf News]

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