Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback – Click above for high-res image gallery

General Motors is betting on the Chevrolet Cruze sedan to boost its small-car image and sales here in the United States. Overseas, however, GM will be offering the Cruze in an attractive five-door bodystyle, and a report from Australia's states that Holden's in-house HSV tuning department is considering a high-powered Cruze.

HSV doesn't outright confirm that a performance Cruze is in the works, but the company has stated that it is strongly considering adding a four-cylinder model to its lineup and that the Cruze would be the "best option for showing progress." If the HSV Cruze were to be produced, our bet is that it will be based on the new five-door hatch body style that we won't get here in the States. This means the Volkswagen GTI and upcoming Ford Focus ST could have some seriously stiff competition from the likes of General Motors.

As for timing, don't expect to see a HSV Cruze anytime soon – the tuning company's current focus is making sure that its V8-powered cars have a solid, sustainable future. Still, news of a tuned-up Cruze certainly piques our interest, if only to be a lusted after piece of forbidden fruit.


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