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It's in your genes. No, really, it is. A study on identical twins published in the Journal of Consumer Research concludes that consumer preferences are often driven by genetics. The authors of the study, Itamar Simonson of Stanford University and Aner Sela of the University of Florida, examined, "a wide range of consumer judgment and decision-making phenomena" and concluded that, "many - though not all of them - are in fact heritable or influenced by genetic factors."

So, how does this relate to automobiles and, more specifically, to hybrids and electric vehicles? Well, believe it or not, the study actually questioned participants about specific products like chocolate, mustard, sci-fi flicks and eco-friendly cars. The study concludes that if one identical twin preferred eco-friendly autos, the other twin almost always followed suit. The authors wrapped up the study suggesting that, "some people may be born with a tendency to be in the mainstream whereas others tend to live on the edge." So, if you've discovered that your fondness for battery-powered vehicles simply cannot be explained, then you might as well give your parents a pat on the back because your love for eco-friendly autos might've came from them.

[Source: Telegraph]

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