203-mph Suzuki Kizashi stops by for coffee

Record-setting Suzuki Kizashi – Click above for high-res image gallery

Remember that 500+-horsepower Suzuki Kizashi that recently went over 200 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats? The one that Road & Track's Sam Mitani drove to a new F/BGC record of 203.720? Well, R&T brought it down to Cars and Coffee this weekend and we got our first up-close look at it. Color us impressed.

The exterior features a large air dam up front, Moon discs and a pair of dorsal ridges running along the roof, but other than that, the car looks pretty much stock. Sure it sits a bit lower and it is covered in decals, but it doesn't look much different from a tuner Suzuki that one might see at this weekly show. Even the engine looks relatively streetable.

Looking inside, you see much of the same – a fairly stock dash and center console, the original door panels, and even the stock steering wheel, albeit with the airbag removed. The biggest mods inside are for safety, with a single racing seat and a roll cage, plus a couple of fire-suppression tanks and a slew of switches and levers to keep everything moving smoothly. The biggest tip-off that this is something a little more special than just a tuner Kizashi is that giant parachute out back. Click below to check out our high-res gallery.

Photos Copyright ©2010 Frank Filipponio / AOL

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